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.. this isn't working
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I don't claim anything in my pictures unless I state they are an OC. If you are curious about who made them or who they are ask. I'll either tell you or I have no idea myself. If I draw one of your characters(mostly Creepypastas) and you want me to credit you directly on the image or take it down I will, just tell me. I don't want to make anyone mad. I don't completely understand the rules and laws about that yet so please be nice about it.

NO, I do not do requests. I used to.
Not anymore.
I guess trades are technically open..?

I don't do 'thanks for the fave' or 'thanks for the watch' comments. I know it's the polite thing to do, but I just have trouble socializing like even over the internet, especially if I've 'just met' you. Just know that they are all appreciated and that I don't want to bother you with that sort of thing.

My comments and replies get really weird sometimes. I have issues. I try not to say 'thanks' or stuff too much so if I say something totally random then that's why.

[I do pretty much all of my traditional art on trading card or 1/4 sized paper so if it looks messy it's because I have to fit detail into a small space since I'm pretty much incapable of drawing big.]


Liu Woods
Mitch: that one male OC of mine

They know each other because people get them mixed up, less because they look exactly alike, more because Jeff. BEN and LJ are assholes.

Mitch hates being touched, particularly by non-humans and creepypastas, but he's usually too shy and/or busy having a panic attack to stop them.
he's also selectively mute around the same people

Mitch is also the only OC I've made so far that I 'd be able to refer to as 'my baby'.
I don't usually do that.  I guess he's just that special snowflake.

Yeah.  But Liu doesn't appreciate the rumors that BEN has started based around them, and Mitch just doesn't really like the other pastas, so they tend to stay as far away from each other as possible.  Which just makes it more awkward sometimes.
Aurielle Contest I Guess
I just really had to draw this character.
She's just... so.. pretty....

Contest is here:

Do I join contests based off of how much I want to draw the characters?

yes I do.
For the 5 thousand watchers contest.

I feel like they'd get along. 

Ehh I merged some of the layers half way though by accident.
Still turned out pretty nice though.

Puppeteer: :iconbleedingheartworks:
Precious: me

They're pretty much perfect opposites.  They'd get along.
Probably just because they can't kill each other.
Precious is a failure at dying.
Dume No!
becasue I'm still not over that status. (The reactions to that was so funny.)
I'm going to keep bringing it up until it is resolved.
The DPS(Dume Protection Squad) is always on duty.

DPS(because it had to be more than just me and Cate, and I didn't want to do stick figures)
:iconblackcat5643:(Dume's creator/protective mom)
:iconbritneymorgan:(:nuu: )
:iconshampeld:(ripping out souls for Dume)
:iconthe-almighty-muffin:(protecting the battery with their life)
And me, but I'm researching batteries instead of being a meat shield

I based the characters off of the icons.
I just took the first ones with characters in their icons.

I probably should have asked, but I wasn't planning for it to actually go anywhere....
(If you don't want to be featured here I can do my best to erase you, but the DPS is all on one layer...

Marine, another OC.
Uh... she cooks and has a fascination with morbid surgical and crime film/documentaries.  I think she just might like knives.

Found the status---->…
What Happens on a Stream...
Rambombi on a Zamboni eating Pepperoni pizza.
Unintentional collab with  :iconblackcat5643:   You are welcome.
What am I even doing with my life.

It's what we did on that stream a few days ago.  What happens on a stream does not always stay on the stream.
Um, :iconsmash-wolf: was also watching the stream if you wanted to see the final product I guess.
They contributed too though, with the pizza part, so I guess this is sort of a three way collab between people who like complaining about the weather..?

Here's the original Rambimbi picture-->  This was like my second digital picture.  I didn't even have pen pressure.  don't judge
That one was also sort of a collab I guess....
If the person who 'created' Rambombi has a DA account they didn't tell me.


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Thanks for the fav [ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuug 
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I'm really sorry but due to a recent incident I don't plan on finishing or doing any more requests.
I have been in a sort of bad mood ever since, and I know you were looking forward to it, but I don't think I'll be able to finish it.
Maybe I'll continue it sometime in the future, maybe not, but at the moment I'm just sort of done with requests.
Once again, I'm very sorry, and it's not your fault.
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Hi i love your drawing ^^ and can i request?

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I'm sorry.  Requests are closed at the moment.
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